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"My face when I see Uncle’s sammies in the freezer of my favorite Whole Foods store in Arizona!"

Our Other Favorites: 1) “I bet I can eat this whole Sammie in one bite! " @allitoledo

2) “Only one thing can make hump day better…an Uncle’s Sammie" @p2_and_soso

3) “I did you wrong

My heart went out to play

But in the game I lost you

Hey, what a price to pay

I'm cryin'…ooo Ube-b baby…ooo Ube-b baby…” as sung by Sammie Robinson & The Miracles @tflan101

Mahalo to everyone who submitted a caption to Sammie Says! The best entry gets an award in the mail! 🏆 If you get mentioned in our 'other favorites' 3 times this year you also get an award. 🎉 ⁠ Please let us know if this happens. Uncle's Ice Cream Sandwiches | Kū Aloha


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