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Where It All Started
Over 10 Years Ago.

In the beginning,
we were selling lettuce.

Growing up on O'ahu, 'Uncle' Paul was always fascinated by food and flavors. Our first sammie was created at the time when we were growing organic lettuce for the north shore restaurants, which we also sold at the weekly farmers market. The market went into the evening and folks sold dinner items there, but there really weren't any desserts.
Paul's a chef (we used to own a restaurant) and he thought it would be fun to make something, really just because he enjoys it. We thought of ice cream sandwiches because you can eat them one-handed and still have an arm available for shopping. So that's why we got started.

Things just got bigger
from there.

Later, when Uncle's got bigger than the lettuce, we couldn't do both any longer and we had a decision to make. By then we just really loved how much people enjoyed what we were doing. Uncle Paul said "Nobody ever posted a selfie with my lettuce". It was really rewarding, so we took the plunge and committed to it.

"Ice cream's just fun!" - Uncle Paul

Paul and Barbara - Uncle's Ice Cream Sandwiches from Oahu, Hawaii - Kū Aloha

Today we are an iconic Hawaiian treat.

We wish our customers knew how excited and mushy we get when they write us or post that they love what we do.

Seriously, we share their messages with the crew and it energizes everyone and makes them feel appreciated, that folks enjoy what they are making.

Uncle Paul's Signature
Barbara's Signature


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