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Uncle's Ice Cream Sandwich Flavors

This is
the fun part.

Paul Logan - Founder of Uncle's Ice Cream
Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul

I create each cookie and ice cream recipe through trial and error until they're "just right" before they make it onto the menu.


Then our cookie crew and ice cream team get busy making each sandwich with aloha!"


"I rarely find a company I am so impressed with as to want to try everything on the menu but I just fell in love with Uncle's local flavors."

Sammie with orange lei

Seasonal Flavors

for a limited time only

Sammie with purple lei

"I am only 35 years old,
but this is without a doubt
the best ice cream sandwich
I have ever had."

Classic Flavors

Sammie with blue lei.

"You show great care in not only your ice cream flavors but also which cookie you choose to
accompany it.”

Sammie with orange lei.

"These are soooo good!! I haven’t had much sugar since moving to the island but I cannot say no to these delicious ice cream sandwiches made locally!”