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Create your masterpiece by filling in the blanks below. Then fill in some basic info and we'll share your epic ice cream sandwich idea with our community!


If you hit on something extraordinary there's a chance we might even make it! *

Dream Machine Logo - Uncle's Ice Cream - Kū Aloha

This is your big chance to imagine the ultimate ice cream sandwich flavor!

Uncle's Ice Cream | Best of Honolulu
Hawaii Coconut Trees
Scoops of Ice Cream with Bright Colors
Photo of two cookies - Uncle's Ice Cream - Kū Aloha
Whisk with whipping cream - Uncle's Ice Cream - Kū Aloha

I would start with a big scoop of

ultra-premium ice cream

Then I would squeeze it between

gourmet cookies.

For a finishing touch I would

just so it was epic!

I would call it

and I would savor every bite.

You did it! If you send us some basic info we can share your creation with our community and maybe even make it!*

Sammie with a purple lei - Uncle's Ice Cream - Kū Aloha

*We love the creative input and will share it with our community

but we cannot guarantee that we will manufacture your creation.

If we do, we will definitely let you know.

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